Britain: Germany Needs to ‘Get Over WW2,’ Fight in More Wars

'Huge Potential' for Germany to Fight Massive Wars

Speaking today in Berlin, Britain’s Defense Secretary Philip Hammond said he believes Germany has a “huge potential” for fighting massive wars on NATO’s behalf, if only they’d “get over” World War 2.

Constitutionally, Germany’s government is barred from participating in any aggressive wars, but it sent a considerable number of troops to Afghanistan anyhow. This has led to an open-ended debate over whether Afghanistan is “technically” a war, as German politicians avoid the term at all cost.

Hammond said that World War 2, which happened a “long time ago,” has effectively held back both Germany and Japan from fighting massive wars. The speech was intended for Germany’s top defense officials, who don’t seem to need much convincing.

That’s not nearly so true for the German public, who seem quite happy not to fight constant wars, and quite glad to be rid of conscription. Britain may hope to turn Germany into a tool to “unleash” on its enemies, but there seems very little in it for the Germans.

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