McMaster: US Will Pay for South Korea Missile Defense System

Says US Will 'Adhere to Our Word'

President Trump had a great idea last week, suggesting that the US would be much happier with having deployed its missile defense system to South Korea if the South Korean government paid for it. That’s not going to happen, of course, as National Security Adviser HR McMaster admitted today.

McMaster conceded that the current agreement on the deployment affirms that the US will pay for the system’s deployment and operation, and said that “until any renegotiation” the US would “adhere to our word” and pay for the THAAD system.

McMaster tried to downplay Trump’s sudden suggestion that the system was “most incredible” and that South Korea should pay for it, saying that Trump just meant a general statement on “responsibility sharing” and not any specific attempt to try to force South Korea to pay, despite that clearly being the context.

President Trump has repeatedly presented the US military as able to do a lot more internationally if they could just get someone else to pay for it. Yet it seems that the notion of South Korea paying for THAAD came well after the agreement to deploy it was made, and clearly South Korea has no intention of just volunteering that after the fact.

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  • John_Smith001

    The problem with militarism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money, or at least that is what I keep telling myself.

    • Tonyandoc

      We’ve long ago run out of other people’s money.
      We are now using the money our kid’s great-grandchildren will contribute in taxes.

      • curmudgeonvt

        Well, that is the plan – has been for a lot of years. And based on the fact that those responsible for implementing the plan keep getting re-elected, I don’t see that many of the American people have a problem with that.

        • Luchorpan

          Most don’t realise the US has any funding problems.

  • dieter heymann

    Because THAAD will be manned by US personnel there was undoubtedly a THAAD addendum to the SOFA agreement with SK. One must suspect that Trump if he signed it never read the text.
    Obama knew what President Bush II had signed with Iraq. He had read that SOFA agreement.

  • deganawida

    The usa would never give up ownership

  • EME

    McMaster: US Will Pay for South Korea Missile Defense System

    Correction: McAssh*ole, ‘us’ USG taxpayers will pay for South Korea
    Missile Defense System.

    • Eileen Kuch

      WRONG. We will NOT pay for that useless THAAD system. Yes, it’s useless. Even North Korea’s missiles can evade it .. So, McMaster, why even deploy that useless missile defense system, when even the South Koreans don’t want it? There are going to be elections soon, and the frontrunner for President is even considering kicking both THAAD and all US forces out of S. Korea and negotiating with N. Korea. As far as THAAD is concerned, it doesn’t matter who mans it, it doesn’t change the fact that the system’s utterly useless against supersonic and/or hypersonic missiles; simply, because it’s too slow. The S. Koreans don’t want it deployed on their soil .. They know it’s defective, and it only provokes their northern neighbor, as well as China and Russia.
      Does that suicidal lunatic McMaster even realize that he’s sacrificing S. Korea for the interests of the NWO? Trump should’ve kept the more highly intelligent, logical Michael Flynn as his National Security Advisor, instead of letting him resign, as the Trotskyites wanted. Had The Donald done so, this country wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in now.

      • Luchorpan

        Moon should kick them out! Kick them all out.