Yemen: No More US Ground Operations Without Prior Permission

Officials Say They Want Tighter Coordination on American Attacks

by Jason Ditz, February 08, 2017

Yemeni officials today offered a clarification on last night’s report that they had revoked permission for the US to carry out ground operations on their soil, saying they are only forbidding such operations to the extent they are conducted without prior permission from the Yemeni government.

Officials say they want tighter coordination with the United States on future attacks, with the late January raid virtually destroying an entire village and killing dozens of innocent civilians. US officials have tried to spin this as a success, and have dismissed all criticism.

Pentagon officials, however, have been more willing to admit how many things went wrong in the raid, chalking it up to lack of preparations and the inability of a “secret” raid to remain a secret during the time it took for the troops to get from the drop site to the village.

While making public their demand for coordination is already another blow to the US narrative of “success,” it remains to be seen how restrictive the Yemeni government will be when the US wants to launch future raids.

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